“Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.”

David Lloyd George


Dear Prospective Partner

One of the most notable results of our ever-changing and accelerating world is the division of labor. Previously, one person dealt with an entire process from beginning to end, and comprised a single production unit completing all tasks. However the proliferation of mass production has incentivized faster, more efficient ways of getting things done. One thing, however, has not changed: people prefer if all roles and tasks are concentrated in the hands of one entity, and the end result is a turnkey solution that satisfies all our demands. 

At metALCOM, we provide such turnkey solutions in the fields of energetics and telecommunications. From planning to execution, operations, and maintenance, we are ready to provide a full range of services to our clients.

Our company was founded in 1999, and in fields as dynamic as energetics and telecommunications, experience is key to building strong relationships and forging a reliable image. In order to deliver on our partners’ trust and expand our clientele, it is not sufficient, however, to simply keep pace with challenges and developments in our field. As an industry leader, it is our responsibility to develop new and groundbreaking tools to improve our efficiency and develop ourselves, our environment, our country and the entire world. Therefore we at metALCOM always strive for novelty: to innovate and rethink the accepted ideas in our fields. We thus deliver future-proof solutions to our partners – among whom we hope to soon count you as well.

Gábor Gergely Rákosa – CEO

Credible international technology solution provider, delivering real value to its partners through innovative services

High flexibility
High level of service standards
Transparent and well-organized operation
Full satisfaction of customer needs
Building long–term customer relationship

About us

  • Several large-scale energetics and telecom projects in Hungary
    Several nuclear projects at Paks I. power plant

  • Present in public and corporate sectors
    Leading telecommunication operators

  • Well known worldwide suppliers

  • Ministry of Interior (Hungary)
    Hungarian Police Hungarian Railways (MÁV)
    Hungarian Telekom Vodafone Hungary
    UPC Hungary
    Telekom Austria

Core Competences

Wireless network rollout

Mobile Network Cell sites turn-key deployment
Site Survey
Site Acquisition
Site Outline & Detailed/Working Design
Site Permitting & Legalization
Network Infrastructure supply (towers, shelters, A/C, PSU, DG, RF materials, etc.)
Site civil works & external power supply
RAN and MW Equipment Installation & Commissioning
RAN & MW network planning and design
Mobile network optimization, drive tests, and KPI analysis
Network Infrastructure Operation & Maintenance
(24×7 Helpdesk, Preventive and Corrective maintenance)
Indoor coverage solutions – Distributed Antenna Systems, Repeaters, etc
Turn-key Rollout Management
Customized web based management systems
Site Management
Resource Management
Own Developed wireless network infrastructure Solutions
MobiTow mobile base stations in different size and configuration

Fixed Network Rollout

Backbone and backhaul intercity connections


FO area or FO route survey and investigation
Preparation of technological design
Route/Network Legalization (obtaining the necessary permits)
Digging and HDPE pipe installation
FO cable installation (pulling and blowing)
Splicing in FO closures and termination to ODFs FO line
Tests and Measurements

Other Infrastructures

Structural cabling systems
WIFI solutions
IT & Communication Facilities
Border security, surveillance infrastructure
Road traffic infrastructure
External power supply lines (MV and LV)
Power back up solutions
(Diesel generators & UPSs)
Access and transmission communication infrastructure for government, public organizations and Utilities

Dealership of Cables and supporting material

PVC wires, sheats and hose lines
Rubber insulated and sheated cables
Cables for cranes and hoists
Building site cables
PVC controll cables
Cable chain cables, servo- and composite connection cable
Heat resisitant cables and silicone cables
Power cables 0,6/1kV , PVC and VPE insulated , 6-30 kV cables
Halogen-free cables and wires , also with circuit integrity
Fire alarm cables
Telekommunication cables
Coaxial cables
Electronic and computer cables, LAN and LWL cables
Compensating and extension cables
Railway signal and power cables according special standards of MÁV
Rolling stock cables for wagon reconstruction
Flexible mining cables in low- and middle voltage range for open cast mining facilities
LOCA cables for Paks NPP ( consigment stock )
Instrumentation cables for chemichal and petrolchemical factories and plants
LOCA cable with worlwide references from Prysmian
Firesafe MV cables with 90 minutes of circuit integrity in fire
Optical cables with 90 minutes function in case of fire
Armoured low- and middle voltage cables designed for power distribution and signal / control functions in nuclear power plants

Energetics business line

Our company is working closely with Paks nuclear power plant for more than a decade, and successfully accomplished several remarkable projects.

Core competences:

  • Mechanical engineering of conventional and nuclear energy systems
  • Participating in power plant safety system development
  • Participating in storage system design for low medium radioactivity nuclear waste
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Process and mechanical engineering
  • Engineering in cooling water system and safety cooling water system reconstruction / development
  • Design work for successful OAH licensing process
  • Resources:

  • Number of highly qualified mechanical/technology engineers with nuclear experience: 44
  • Number of experts with official chamber permission: 24
  • Number of highly qualified civil engineers with nuclear experience: 9
  • Number of experts with official chamber permission : 8
  • Number of highly qualified electrical engineers with nuclear experience: 4
  • Number of experts with official chamber permission: 2