Executive Summary—Metalcom Inc.

We are proud, that in accordance with today’s renewable and quickly changing challenges, all of us in the MetalCom work to serve the demands of our business clients in the realization of telecommunication, informatics, wideband communication, safety technology, energy optimization and designing tasks by using the most advanced technologies and full professional support, and to keep our company on the path of development.

MetalCom Inc. was founded in 1999, which began his career only 4 employees and 10 million HUF turnovers, nowadays a market leader in the telecom system integration as a vendor independent leading turnkey solution provider. Since 2011 Metalcom is a Member of Telelink Group (www.telelink.com) and as  group provide strong financial and technology background for global presence.  

The new and very promising department, - Renewable Energy Department—dealing with a contemporary hi-tech fuel cell systems for energy store and produce uninterruptable energy from green sources. 

We establish a strong structure in the fields of informatics, telecommunication, renewable energy, civil and mechanical engineering to support the sustainable development of our company. However all of this would not worth much without reliable logistics and ample warehousing capacity, therefore naturally a company management system supported hinterland serves and organizes the increasing demands, with economy and precision in view.

Both on domestic and foreign markets  continuously develop our product and service portfolio and we trust in, that our efforts meet the demands expected by our business partners, like Vodafone, Telenor or Deutche Telecom, at the highest level.

At present economic situation the most important strategic goal to ensure sustainable development during our activities. In order to achieve this objective we are working with our leading partner’s product and own developments, that the present issues and challenges of future will be appropriate. We create improved system, and provide service, which based on this method.

We get to and serve our existing and potential partners through our market solutions bearing a high added value. The key to our success lies in the simplicity of our approach to be able to achieve the maximum in the moments of daily business life, and to build the infrastructure of tomorrow today.

We have to strive for making our corporation widely known and renowned within our borders as well as in the aimed development directions.


We look forward to welcome you among our partners…


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